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State reserve “Sherba” received its name from the eponymous region, located in the heart of hunting. “Sherba” is located in the Eastern Balkan Mountains, 75 km from Varna airport. The terrain is mountainous. Deciduous trees predominate.

Major game species on the territory are: red deer and fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon. “Sherba” offers trophies of deer over 9 kg., Mouflon than 70 cm. Successfully are hunted pheasants and woodcocks. Among the predators are hunted: jackal, fox and wild cat. Proofs of good catches are earning gold medals at CIC deer – 239.77 points, wild boar – 141.15 and mouflon – 217.00 p.

In “Sherba” there are two hunting lodges. The farm offers ecotourism, photo-hunting, sport fishing and visits the Northern Black Sea coast.

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