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State reserve “Ropotamo” is located 45 km south of Bourgas. Hunting territory falls in the northeastern region of Strandzha Mountain. It takes its name from Ropotamo River.

Especially are hunted: deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer and mouflon. Local deer is with a great body weight – 350 kg. Massive dark horns, studded with many pearls. Among the most attractive game for hunting is wild boar, whose weight reached 250-300 kg. From predators are hunted the wolf, fox and jackal.

Over the territory of “Ropotamo” goes east-migratory path of birds – “Via Pontika.” So here are found passages from various wild ducks and geese and particularly woodcock – a favorite hunting for many foreign tourists during the autumn and winter.

“Ropotamo” has a hunting lodge in the “Arkutino” and hut on the beach in Primorsko. The farm offers ecotourism and photo safari to the Ropotamo River and protected areas of a typical dense forest, sea and river fishing.

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