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State reserve “Izvora” is located in Devin, about 200 km from Sofia and about 80 km from Plovdiv. The landscape of the farm is typically mountainous, dominated by rugged terrain.

The area is inhabited by chamois, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer, wild boar, capercailzies. From predators: bear, wolf, fox, wild cat, otter, marten, badger and pine marten. From the birds are found: grouse, wood-pigeon, dove, quail and others. From the raptors can be found: golden eagle, small and great spotted eagle, buzzards, hawks and kestrels. Of the night raptors: owl, forest eared owl and others. The farm offers fishing and ecotourism.

Hunting lodge “Devin” has five double rooms with private bathrooms, kitchen with dining room, coffee bar and restaurant.

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